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The Chainsmokers Want To Shed Light On The Problems People Face Through Sick Boy

Starting in 2015, everyone has been hearing about The Chainsmokers. They have become megastars in the music world thanks to their remixes and collaborations with various pop stars. In the past couple of years, the duo Alex and Andrew have managed to gain millions of fans from all over the world, making smash hits that top the music charts for months on end. Despite being fun party music, their music was popular among all the different generations, which is ultimately what led them to try something different. Anyone who stays up to date with the Chainsmokers has probably heard their new song, “Sick Boy”, though they probably didn’t know it was them until they were told.

This new style of music for the Chainsmokers is nothing like what they produced in the past and has a much darker feel to it. Instead of being happy and fun, “Sick Boy” is focused on conveying a deeper message and connecting with people in a way the group hasn’t done in the past. The Chainsmokers understand the pain and unfair things that happen in the world each day, which all people have to experience. Since everyone is in this together here on the same earth, the Chainsmokers want to make more of an effort to bring the problems to light, rather than shying away from them.

According to the music production duo, they have bigs plans for the future of their music and much more is coming, though none of it will replicate the old music that they became famous for. That being said, they have done pretty well despite such a big change in their MO. They have various collaborations in the works like they have always done in the past. It will be excited to see which artists they begin creating music with their new focus and genre in mind.

Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

Jay-Z’s epic deal with Live Nation, which was said to be worth an estimated $150 million, is drawing near to an end, and as of late he has been signaling many industry titans about investing in his recorded music business with Roc Nation. The original deal with Live Nation began in 2008 and was set to last for 10 years. Because the deal with Live Nation, set to expire next year, is considered a “360,” it could result in a buy-sell due to the fact that either side could choose to acquire the other partner’s stake if they were indeed interested.

It has recently been reported that although Live Nation isn’t interested in renewing their partnership with Jay-Z in regards to recorded music, they would like to continue their touring deal, which to this point has been extremely lucrative for both parties. Questions have arisen about the status of Live Nation’s relationship with Jay-Z due to their decision not to renew the recorded music side of their partnership, but this is more of a result of their disinterest in recorded music in general. More to read on

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Roc Nation is currently the home of superstars such as Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Rihanna, and Shakira. Recently top Roc Nation executive Desiree “Dez” Perez, met, along with her boss, Jay-Z, with Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, at his Santa Monica offices, which has intensified speculation about a possible deal between the two powerhouses.  For her timeline activity update, hit on

Desiree “Dez” Perez is one of the highest ranking executives under the Roc Nation umbrella and has been a longtime partner of Jay-Z. Within the industry, she is known for her acute business acumen, overseeing many important aspects of the day to day operations at SC Enterprises. Check

While she continues to play a significant role as a close partner of Jay-Z’s, she has also played a major role in the mega deals with other artists at Roc Nation, including the deal between Rihanna and Samsung.  Visit one of her social media account, click twitter @desireeperez01.

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Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Make For Picture Perfect Business Associates

Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have managed to do some very interesting things with music streaming. These two have gone together and made a great name for a music streaming service called Tidal. The interesting thing about their business relationship is that many people would have never guessed that they could save this music streaming company.

It is a company that was already in existence before bigger companies like Spotify took over music streaming. Even before anyone had ever heard of Tidal it was in existence before many of the other music streaming leaders of today. What Jay-Z would make a plan to do is buy this music streaming service and look for ways to compete against Spotify, Apple music and Pandora.   More to read on

He found it to be a very challenging thing to do this on his own. People that were in executive positions of power would find that there was a struggle to penetrate an industry that had been locked down by other companies that had already gained a loyal fan base. The fact that Jay Z was marketing a premium music streaming service through Tidal would make the journey to success even harder. Check for additional article.

The the great thing about knowing someone like Desiree Perez is that there is always a chance to vibe off of her negotiation skills. Jay-Z knew from her work with Roc Nation that she would be the perfect candidate to help him Tidal.   Read her latest tweets, visit her at twitter@desireeperez01.

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Now it appears that mogul Jay-Z and Desiree Perez have a chance to cash in on the Live Nation concerts that can earn millions. Jay-Z is actually planning to go on tour, and he is bringing a lot of live streaming concerts to Tidal. Desiree Perez has helped him orchestrate this type of business mindset for visual and audio exclusivity through the Tidal app.  For update of her recent timeline activities, hit on

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Desiree Perez is a Modern Day Business Woman

The global industry is massive, in 2016 alone bringing in over $17.2 million in revenue which is more than a third of the industry revenues for this corner of the sector worldwide. One of the people leaders in the industry can expect to find in the boardroom isn’t a man in a suit, but Desiree Perez.

Des Perez is part of an exclusive circle of the industry’s biggest entrepreneurs that can be found in the industry and she’s a modern day business woman.   More to read on She’s been credited with playing an important role in helping Jay-Z’s business to expand in the last twenty-two years. She handles different aspects of the industry from concert tour management to niches in talent development concerning music production.

She shines when it comes to boardroom negotiations where she has displayed a talent for maneuvering business deals in her favor. Des Perez was recently involved with ROC Nation, SC Enterprises, and other business interests concerning Shawn Carter.  Check  It has also been hinted at her and her husband, Juan Perez, may be part of the influential Hova Circle of Influence, which is made of powerful investors and influences in the entertainment and music industry. click on

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Desiree Perez is well known for her close association with Jay Z for over twenty years and has an amazing track record concerning SC Enterprises. Des Perez has proven she’s an influential business woman and even has a talent for navigating the business field. She is amazing when it comes to being a fierce negotiator in the boardroom and has proven herself adept at crunching numbers when necessary. She’s tough, able-bodied, and is well connected in the music and entertainment industry to have the large influence over the business dealings going down in the industry. She is truly the epitome of a modern day business woman.  Read her latest tweets, follow her on twitter@desireeperez01.

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Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Explore Options as Major Deal Draws to a Close

Roc Nation producer and exec Desiree Perez and rap mogul Jay-Z are looking into their options as Jay-Z’s 10-year, 150 million dollar deal with Live Nation draws to a close.

The change is big news in the music industry, as with the closing of the deal, either side could potentially buy out or sell to the other entity their stake in Roc Nation. According to inside sources, Live Nation is wanting to keep up the lucrative deal with Jay-Z when it comes to touring, but not the recording portion of the deals.

That’s part of a broader business decision by Live Nation to pull back from recorded music in order to focus more resources on live music and touring.

Sir Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, met with both Jay-Z and Roc Nation Exec Desiree Perez, sparking rumors that the music mogul may consider buying a stake in Roc Nation. Jay-Z is potentially looking into options for added revenue as he invests in new artists and also his music streaming service, both of which could benefit from a sell-out of the recorded music portion. Related article to read on

Any changes to the Roc Nation and Live Nation deals regarding Jay-Z are sure to be coming under the close scrutiny of exec Desiree Perez. The producer is known for her work with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, especially with the On the Run Tour in 2014. That work was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy award for Outstanding Special Class Program in 2015. She has worked with Jay-Z for nearly twenty years.  Check for additional article.

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Throughout her career, Desiree Perez has been known for her passion and business knowledge, especially when it comes to managing, labeling and publishing in the music industry.  Read her latest tweets, visit her on twitter@desireeperez01.   The Roc Nation Collective also works with big name musicians like Shakira, Fat Joe, and Rhianna.  Check Desiree’s negotiating skills here on

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With The Roc Nation Deal Coming To A Close, Potential Buyers Swoop In To Get Their Share Of The Business

There’s no doubt how big Jay Z has gotten over the last decade, and a lot of that success can be attributed to the $150 million dollar record deal that he had signed with Live Nation. In collaboration with the company, founded Roc Nation, which is an all inclusive document management company, which has some of the biggest names in the industry under its hood. However, next year, the deal that he had signed with the company will be coming to a close, which has gained the attention of numerous other companies who want a part of this million dollar business. Check

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With the deal coming to an end, either Jay-Z or the company are entitled to sell out their bit of the business, to anyone who they would see fit. This has numerous businessmen and record labels lining at the door to get a piece of something this big. There have also been numerous reports of companies wanting to make big offers and hopefully, one day buy out the entire company. While there are no reports of either party wanting to sell their share of the business, if the contract is renewed, chances are that it would be slightly different from the previous contract that he had. More to read on

Desiree Perez is also one of the more influential people in the picture here. She has been a long time friend and business partner of Jay-Z since the start of his career. Her trustworthiness and fierce negotiating power are what has kept her among some of the biggest names in the music industry. Read more about Desiree on  She has also been one of the most influential people when it comes to the running of Roc Nation and the success it has seen. Having a vast amount of experience working in the field of music, producing shows for both Beyonce and Jay-Z, she plans to focus the renewed contract on only the touring aspect of Jay-Z’s music.  For Dez latest tweets, follow her on twitter@desireeperez01.

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