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FAA Recognized Pilot Achieves Success In Art: Jon Urbana

The general opinion of many experts suggests that a true artist has the creative spirit within themselves, and it can only be honed in through effort and exposure. We are living in a day and age where creative peoples and business peoples have a lovely tool called the internet, which can carry with it their vision of art or society. Jon Urbana has used the advances in technology to showcase his achievement in photography, video and music. He also has other critical accolades to his credit, such as a successful lacrosse camp and the recognition as a professional aviator. We’ll discuss these topics about┬áJon Urbana in hopes that he will inspire others to succeed.

Creative Achievements Of Jon Urbana

Most professional artists and researchers like Urbana claim that the artistic centers of the brain are usually dominant on one side, yet some individuals are able to function at such a high capacity that they can run the creative centers of the brain alongside the other centers. Jon Urbana has showed us all how he is focused on his creative works, and he has seen some great achievements along the way. He has a Soundcloud account that is growing in popularity, which features some of Jon’s most recognizable music to date.

In addition to the music style that is unique to Jon, he has been making his mark in the world of photography as an incredible minimalist. He has captured food being prepared in a way that evokes much emotion, yet the simple nature of his subject leaves us wanting more of his work. I would also like to mention his work in videography because the subjects he captures on are also of the natural world, but he sometimes creates thought-provoking Twitter commentary as well.

Aviation Career Achievements

Jon Urbana found time to play for Villanova before becoming a pilot, which means he had to go through rigorous training programs that are in place for pilots. He succeeded in getting his pilot’s license, but he didn’t stop there. He also achieved recognition from the FAA as part of their FAA Airmen Certification Database.