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Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Respected Name in Austin

Named by Harper Bazaar as one of the 24 ‘Best Surgeons in the World’ in 2014, Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a trusted board-certified Austin cosmetic surgeon and founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Walden specializes in breast augmentation, though performs a variety of procedures designed to help improve self-esteem and confidence, and overall well-being. Procedures offered by Dr. Walden include:

– Radiofrequency treatments

– Breast augmentation

– Face lift/Face rejuvenation

– Hair restoration

– Body contouring

This is a partial list of the services provided at Dr. Walden’s office. She can provide a plethora of cosmetic procedures for patients in and near Austin. No matter what services you need, Dr. Walden uses advanced techniques and procedure that provide superior results. She’s even designed instruments used for breast surgery, which are carried by the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI.)

Well-Respected Austin Cosmetic Surgeon

  1. Walden is a well-respected cosmetic surgeon who’s made special appearances on many TV show networks discussing various aspects of surgery. She’s served as a commentator on ABC News, E!, Dr. 90210, Fox News, BH1, and many others. Additionally, Dr. Walden has earned many honors during the span of her career. Those honors include:

– 1998 Merck Manual Award

– 1998 Herman Barnett Memorial Award

– 1998 Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award

– ‘Best Plastic Surgeon in the World’ by American Way

  1. Walden has also co-authored several books, and writes blog posts and journal articles on a regular basis.

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