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It’s More than Chapstick

 EOS lip balm is one of the most popular chapsticks seen by millennials today. The company stands behind evolution of smooth, which is how they developed their clever name. After years of cylinder chapstick, in comes a round ball of chapstick. Seeing that the price of the chapstick is the same as the same one I have gotten for years, I did not see why I should not try the round tube. EOS has the appeal of the cute colors and the great flavors. The container is soft and smooth on your hands, and it is also a cute product to have in your bag.

Another important concept that evolutionofsmooth found when researching their product was the fact that women are their main users. Women have a beauty regime that they do daily. Moisturizing is important to women’s everyday cycle. Not only were women getting a cute lip balm container, but they were getting great product. It did not take long to see some of today’s top celebrities toting EOS products which raised the sales. EOS also collaborated with some of the top Facebook and other social media individuals to advertise their product. In turns, this boosted sales by grabbing the attention of the younger generation.

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