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Join As A Member Of Magnises, Which Is Now Over 12,000 Members Strong

Magnises has created vacations for their members that have been out of this world, including beautiful islands, private jets, and special events for the members. Other Magnises privileges are going to the functions that they only have for the members, which allows every member the privilege of meeting other members who have information to share about their profession and more. Even the clubhouse has been created for Magnises members, which is a fun place for watching TV and having drinks, and anyone who is a Magnises member can use the clubhouse to their benefit whenever they’re ready.

Magnises sounds like a pretty good deal, but you don’t know all of the benefits that it has to offer. Billy McFarland, Magnises’ creator has customized Magnises by partnering with many different companies that only have a goal in mind to please the Magnises members by giving them discounts, specials, and much more. Sparring with these different businesses has become great for Magnises because it allows every member to get some sort of privilege in one way or another that wouldn’t be offered to them without their membership to Magnises. Even the Magnises launch party was fun with rapper French Montana performing.

After the launch of Magnises came an official membership, and many members would join, and with a total of over 12,000 members today, even more members come in all the time with the intent of getting the membership that everyone is talking about. There was a Samsung devices demo that was held, and many Magnises members were invited, and there were even giveaways at the function, which meant that a Magnises member was likely to go home with something special from Samsung. Even the whiskey tasting that was open to Magnises members was great for anyone who liked to indulge in a drink once in a while.

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Another thing that is great to mention is the fact that Magnises members can have privileges to get into just about any concert, even if it’s sold-out. Many sold-out concerts sell out because of the fact that the artist is so popular, but Magnises can secure tickets in bulk to make sure their members get into the venue, even after everyone else is blocked out. There is so much that one can do if they choose to become a Magnises member, so why wait? The fee to become a Magnises member is now only $250.

The annual membership will entitle the user to have their own personalized card, and adding banking information to the card will allow the user the benefits of spending the card like any other credit card they may have. Being a Magnises member isn’t all about having fun either because many professionals gain some great insight when they become a member. Going to one of the many parties that Magnises holds will allow each member to meet professionals who come from different backgrounds, which means they can share information as well as gain information about other great professions.

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