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Jamie Garcia Dias-The Renown Brazilian Author

Born into a family, and surrounded with journalists and architects, Jamie Garcia Dias is an author from Rio de Janeiro who has devoted most of his written work to the advancement of Brazilian literature.

His father, Arnaldo Dias, was both a journalist and writer who encouraged his young son to write stories, and that is what made Dias the literary rock of a Brazilian author he has become.

Jamie was a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy in Brazil to students who wanted to become authors. He taught stories of love and revenge, but also on what it means to be faithful to ones country, something he speaks passionately about on Facebook.

It has been 200 years since Brazil became independent from the colony that it once was and now the literature of the country has also become multicultural and vibrant. Stories of economic strife and interdependence have now become stories of courage and passion for growth, and what it really means to be a true Brazilian.

By the age of 30, Dias became a creative writer and was so prolific in his 10 books that he gained a White Crane Literary Award in 2001. A novel he had written called “Caiu do Ceu” which means “Fall from Heaven,” was heavily promoted by another famous writer from Argentina, and so Dias’ book became very popular throughout South America where many copies were sold.

2007 marked Carioca Literature Academy’s 100th anniversary and on that occasion Dias became its President. The academy is globally known for its support and encouragement of all types of Brazilian writers and contributors.

Dias always used innovative expressions and positive reinforcement in his work and that is also how he taught the future Brazilian authors who took his creative courses. Garcia’s focus was mostly on the art of writing, as his father had shown him during an early age. He was given that opportunity now to make a difference in the lives of many want-to-be Brazilian authors.

“Jornal do Brasil” invited Dias to write weekly articles, in addition to what he’s putting out on his blog. The subjects were regarding Dias’ childhood and those recollections and memoirs which he finally reproduced into books of fiction.

Garcia Dias believed that the Carioca Literature Academy was ready to be the first school in which the journalism format and journalistic literature would take precedence over the old and traditional methods of teaching. It is an innovative academy that has been globally recognized.

Amado’s inspiring and world moving literary works and fictional contributions have now been made into screen adaptations in Brazil!