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Nick Vertucci; a Self-Made Real Estate Mogul

Nick Vertucci is an American-based real estate millionaire. He is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., which has its headquarters at Chapman Street, Orange in California. To assist people in learning the ropes in the real estate industry, Nick founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Through this academy, participants are taught on strategies and tactics that he used in getting a breakthrough in the real estate industry on

Nick, however, admits that his journey has not been a smooth ride all along. He says that he is a strong believer that one’s past cannot determine one’s future at In his life story, which he shared, he says that although he came from a loving family and did not lack the basic necessities, they were not wealthy. Sadly, he lost his father when he was just ten years old. This meant that his mother had to toil for long hours in order to support the family.

He further adds that he moved out at 18 years old and started living in his van. He confesses that this was the worst time of his life. He then started his entrepreneurship journey few years down the line selling computer parts. He says his motivation was the independence entrepreneurship gave him. He also at around this time got married to his wife and together they sired three daughters. His business was doing well until in 2000 when the dot com crash hit him hard and he watched all his effort disappear into thin air.

He had not been bothered to invest in his future and for almost 18 months, he struggled to make ends meet. He got into debt, which saw him lose almost all of his assets except his home. During that time an acquaintance of his helped him a great deal on He invited him to real estate training seminar as a guest. Though he was reluctant at first, he finally gave in and in hindsight; he says that is the best choice he made in his life.

For three days he listened to what each speaker had to say with zeal. While there, he came to a realization that real estate was what would give him his financial freedom on He felt rejuvenated and continued studying and acquiring as much knowledge as he could from the seminar. He says that it actually took him 10 years to finally gather enough information for him to make a killing in real estate. This knowledge is what he shares with those who come to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy according to He wants to help people transform their financial lives and teach them how to make it in the real estate industry.

Grag Hague – A Method to his Madness

In the real estate market, selling homes is a basic process which has not changed in 75 years. To put it simple, traditional home selling process is characterized as hope marketing. Real estate agents put a sign in the yard, place the home in MLS and even run some ads. Additionally, they hold open houses and hope a buys will come along.

Greg Hague is an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also an attorney, law professor, author, and business partner with Harvey Mackay, the author of a New York Times best seller, Swim with the Sharks. Hague is best famous for 35 year passion for shaking things up in the residential real estate industry. He has even built several real estate firms. He presently speaks at events all over the country. Hague says, “Homes are tossed on the market like a grocer throws a loaf of bread on the shelf.

Greg Hague’s latest business enterprise, Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate coaching company, Hague’s plan is to turn the process of selling a home around. Hague developed a 22 Step Home Launch Formula and also a 29 Day Fast Sale Plan. These are the initial steps to a better direction in real estate. Both programs being by building demand and excitement and then front load the home marketing because according to Hague, the longer a home is on the market the less it revenue it can generate. Hague’s methods are intended to create a scuttle of buyers immediately once a property is listed. This method creates a mindset to buy now and don’t miss out, which motivates buyers to take action as quick as possible which even generates higher profits.

Hague’s coaching techniques teach real estate agents when listing a home for sale, placing a yard sign immediately and quickly entering the home into the MLS is not something that should be done. Instead of doing these things, the real estate agent should privately message other agents in the community, telling them that a home that is desired is coming to the market soon and agents are confident in contacting potential qualified buyers to afford to them a sneak preview before the home is offered to the general public. It has been proven that home buyers are keen to having private access to a home before an agent officially offers it to the general public. Because the home has not accumulated days o the market or sitting for weeks or even months begging for interested buyers, those with private access will tend to pay a higher price. Another fact is, buyers seeing a home sit on the market for a lengthy period, presume it is overpriced or something is wrong with the home. Because the majority of real estate agents innocently operate as robotic, simply doing what they have always done for the last 75 years, it is unfortunate and difficult to sell homes with this method. Greg Hague’s methods are proven and will make more profits than ever.


Real Estate Maven Greg Hague

When selling a house, it is best to work with a professional in the field. Working with a professional who knows the field of real estate is often the best way to get the highest possible price for a given property in the shortest possible period of time. Someone who knows this well is real estate Gregory Hague. Hague has spent many years in the field in real estate. Under his supervision, many sellers have realized the ideal price for their house even when the market in any area may be less than ideal at the time they are putting their house for sale on the market.

Hague talks to sellers about his methods in a recent interview for Forbes Magazine. In the article, he details the base of knowledge that is his from years of working closely with sellers. His work in this field has focused on the needs of sellers. Hague wants to be able to do that all he can to help make sure that his clients are able to put a house on the market and see it sold to a happy buyer. To this end, he has spent many years of his life thinking about the best possible way to help create excitement and connect qualified sellers with buyers who love their house as much as they do.

Hague is one of the founding members of Real Estate Mavericks. Real Estate Mavericks is a new real estate firm that aims to help transform the way that people all over the nation market houses to buyers. His aim is help work with sellers closely and avoid the problems that may arise when a house goes on the market and stays there for more than a few months. Most houses will be put on the market in order to sell them to buyers. The buyer and the real estate agent can then use a market tool such as the MLS to locate area properties that are for sale at a specific time in a given region.

The problem, as Hague points out, is that the potential buyer can also see how long the property has been on the MLS. The buyer may decide that a property that has been on the market is either not very good or should only be purchased for a large discount even if the buyer really likes the property. Hague aims to shortcut this process and avoid it if possible altogether. He wants to speak with area about agents about the property before it goes on the market and then only let a few selected and high qualified buyers see it first. The result is often a property that sells quite quickly.

How To Properly Sell A Home During Open Houses

Being able to sell a home during an open house is not always that easy. It requires serious patience, and an effective approach, and the right way to handle clientele. In this article, you are going to discover some of the best tips to sell any home to anybody using powerful techniques that work. The key is to know what works and what doesn’t to help you avoid making any useless mistakes while you are selling the home.

How To Properly Sell A Home During Open Houses

– A Welcoming Approach

If you are patient with your approach and you know how to successfully welcome people efficiently, then you need to remember the importance of being more welcoming. You want to show clients and potential buyers that you’re fun, kind, and willing to talk as much as you need to in order for them to learn more about the house you are selling.

– Complete Walkthroughs

It pays off to invest your time on giving people complete walkthroughs to make it easier for them to see what everything is offered by this home. It always pays off to also be very considerate towards them. There are countless people who find it very informational to get a quick glimpse through everything, and it helps people make their decisions better.

– Providing All Information

You want to be able to take time to provide your visitors all of the right guidance they need to make an informed decision. You want to make it easier for them to like decide everything and know what is involved. It’s always easier for people to make the decision when you give them all the right info they need to decide what to do.

Open houses are always funny and difficult to deal with, but the key is to know exactly what your plan is. The key to succeed is to gain some serious growth online. The best thing to do is to consider working with The Real Estate Mavericks. This company can give you all the right training needed so that you can sell more houses during open houses. Greg Hague is the man behind this company, and his complete training program will guarantee that you grow successfully. Greg Hague is highly respected in the industry and has worked for countless huge corporate brands to help with their marketing.

Greg Hague is known for their top of the line training systems. The best thing to succeed is to make sure that you receive their training systems because they can give you complete secrets and insider training to help you sell more. You can make so much money in this industry as a real estate agent since Greg is known for helping people make millions of dollars in the industry.

The open houses of being a real estate agent are always changing and developing, and they can be the time when people finally find out exactly. The key is to be patient and know how to reel all people in.

Real estate Mavericks: Coaching Importance on Culture

As mentioned in most precedent articles to this, our main focus is on culture and coaching more than any other thing. This month we want to have a deep discussion about the importance of coaching agents and how it will impact your culture.

In life, if all things are held stable then there will be no doubt that agents with a coach will always outdo those who do not have a coach. Through the face to face coaching, we are going to write down the weaknesses, and strengths agents have. We will then embark on building their strengths and enable them to focus on three primary strategies and build their businesses. When someone wants to do numerous things in a single instance, it becomes impossible, and they stop doing virtually everything and get frustrated.

Through the help we render the agents in understanding and focusing on fewer things at a moment, they will certainly achieve more than usual and that particular sense of accomplishment will drive them work harder. They will ultimately grow their commerce easier, happier, and faster. The time we dedicate towards coaching them has always come out successful since they become more likely to help others as well. This means that everyone is virtually productive.

We also develop groups called mastermind group in which culture is impacted in a very positive manner. In these groups, every agent will have an accountability partner where they will issue a seasonally done job and share ideas on how to enhance their corporate. Every manager or owner should be present in these meetings and keep track on their agents. By sharing ideas and encouraging one another as well as sharing the challenges faced in the market, everyone will at the end of the day, feel energized and positive towards achieving and overcoming their obstacles in business. The agents will know each other better leading to a greater togetherness and working bond.

Our view is to eliminate competition in the market and not to take business away from the agents. As a trainer and coach, a real participation of the mastermind groups will lead to a more knowledgeable group of agents or rather working force.

We have also initiated a seven-week class that will consist of 70 agents at a time. Every agent will have an accountability partner and share ideas every week they turn in the groups. This will help each one of them grow their businesses. We will also bring in and exchange ideas with the agents about their experience in this business. We will encourage all the agents to get out of their so-called comfort zones and overcome their mental obstacles and fears.

The coming together of agents creates a motivation environment about the success of one another there will be a creation of a friendly competition as they look upon their beloved friends and colleagues.

Real Estate Mavericks is a top option when it comes to impacting coaching and culture on agents. At Real Estate Maverick, we create mastermind groups that teach, develop and coach the agents to have a positive culture that will propel them to greater heights in business achievement.