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Anthony Constantinou And His Artificial Intelligence Models


When most people hear the words, “artificial intelligence,” fear comes to the mind immediately, due to the thriller science fiction movies wherein machines take over the world and try to destroy mankind.

Anthony Constantinou would disagree with most people on that matter. He went to Queen Mary University of London, and is now a Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Bayesian Theory and Mathematics at the university.

Anthony Constantinou devotes his time in creating, understanding and expanding causal relationships; he has developed many theories and causal relationships through detailed research and publications of scholarly journals.

According to Anthony Constantinou, Artificial Intelligence does not incur robots taking over the world and killing off mankind. It incurs the use of dynamic mathematical probability theories programmed into computers. One such computer was pitted against human book makers in predicting the outcomes of league sporting events, and the computer bested its human competitors.

Anthony Constantinou uses what is known as “Bayesian Probability”, which is a system of probability formulae that was discussed and theorized by a man named Bayes in the 1700’s. Anthony Constantinou uses these formulae, which were refined and worked out in the 1800;s by another mathematician. These formulae have been used in computers by Anthony Constantinou for use in investments, economics, and gaming.

However, it should be noted that its highest and best use has been medicine. One of Anthony Constantinou’s models was able to diagnose and predict the outcome of patients using certain medications, and the outcome was better than those predicted by medical doctors. In other words, the computer’s thinking was superior to its human competitors. Find More Information Here.

The machine, so to speak, outwitted mankind. But one must remember that the computer helped diagnose and treat a patient. It did not overtake the doctors and run amok.


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