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One Life To Live Soap Opera

One Life To Live was a long time running soap opera television show that ran on ABC for over 4 decades. Starting in 1968 it ended airing on TV in 2012 after 43 years. In 2013 OLTL began airing as a web series for a few short months before coming to end in September of 2013. The show follows the Lord family as well as other families from the fictional suburb of Llanview. The fictional town Llanview was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Lord family is a wealthy family living in their gorgeous 18th century estate running the newspaper as well as may other businesses. The show follows the Lord family as well their friends and love interests through stories of murder, cheating, lying and betrayal. The story lines always gave fans tons of drama and excitement.

One of the most notable story lines was when Stacy Morasco played by actress Crystal Hunt became pregnant with Rex’s baby. Stacy was working as a stripper when she noticed her sister Gigi and the very handsome Rex. Instantly Stacy went on a mission to make Rex her man and after many failed attempts finally got Rex to sleep with her and even impregnate her. However Stacy’s plan began to fall apart when she miscarried. Instead of losing Rex forever she became pregnant again with another mans baby that she pretended was Rex’s. Stacy was then kidnapped and forced to reveal the truth about who her child’s father was. After being set free and giving birth to a daughter Stacy died on a cold winter night in a horrible lake accident.

Aside from playing the beautiful but somewhat mean Stacy Morasco on OLTL Crystal Hunt had also play Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light for 3 years. Guiding Light was another very popular soap opera that aired for many many years. In 2005 Crystal played Jill in Derby Stallion and then in 2007 played Dinky in Sydney White. In 2008 she played Hannah in Brooklyn to Manhattan and most recently had a role in Magic Mike XXL. In 2015 she was the executive producer in her first feature film Talbot County. In her free time Crystal Hunt also enjoys singing, dancing and horseback riding. She is also very involved in many charities especially those helping children and is the Official Ambassador for Child Help USA, and she has a popular Instagram account where you can follow her adventures as an actress.