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The Philanthropic causes that George Soros Is taking Part in

George Soros is a Hungarian born New York Based businessman, author and philanthropist. He is ranked among the top 5 richest men on the globe and has a net worth of close to $26 billion. Soros is known for more than just his business acumen. For the past three decades that he has lived in New York, he has been a great philanthropist. He created a foundation, the George Soros foundation, and has been using it to support the causes and charities that are closest to his heart. He has given more than $6000 to these charities in the past. The latest from his foundation is that he has pledged more than $18 billion of his estate to Soros Foundation.

George Soros has always been a strong advocate for an open, fair and just society. He has never liked a situation where anyone was discriminated as a result of their skin color, social economic status or sexual orientation and other differences. Soros has supported charities which promoted LGBTQ communities, racially discriminated people and other minorities. For instance, in 2014, George learned that a young African American boy had been shot by a white police office in what seemed to be a racially motivated case. He was dismayed by the poor response that the injustice received from the society. When the Hashtag ‘black lives matter’ started trending on social media, he got involved through the Soros Foundation. They hired the buses which transported protestors to Ferguson, Missouri for the street protests. Within three weeks, the message that they had come to pass had been heard loud and clear.

George Soros grew up in Hungary at a time when the Nazis had occupied the state. His parents were Jewish, so naturally, he was persecuted a lot. He was forced to run away from Hungary and move to the UK. This early experiences that he had are thought to have played a major role in shaping him into the philanthropist that he is today. Soros has also been a strong supporter of Democrats and the policies that they stand for. He was opposed to the manner in which the Bush administration invaded Iraq, simply because they believed there were weapons of mass destruction being created there. What Soros was opposed to was the death of innocent civilians and the Humanitarian crisis which followed the invasion.

As a result of his activism, Soros has been the center of positive and negative media attention in equal measure. For instance, he has been very instrumental in making sure that Eastern Europe got free from the communist beliefs which tied them down for centuries. The governments in some of these countries were not amused by this fact and they have opposed his activities a lot. However, the negative publicity has not deterred Soros from pursuing his dream. He hopes to ensure that he leaves the world a better place than it was in 1930, when he was born. Soros believes that it is the responsibility of every human to change the society which they exist in for the better.

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MB2 Dental Is Exactly What Dentists Have Been Waiting For

Dr. Chris Villanueva is a dentist with a unique experience. He knows that dentists face unique challenges when it comes to serving their patients. There are two kinds of dentists. There are those that will join large corporate dental firms. These dentists will benefit from the support of the firm, but they will be limited in their autonomy and in their freedom to run their practice as they see fit. Then there are those dentists that will run a private practice by themselves. They will be able to enjoy their freedom, but they will miss out on the opportunities that partnering with large firm would have afforded them.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked on both sides of the dental industry. He is no stranger to what dentists face. He has first hand experience as a dentist. He wanted to help out his fellow dentists and essentially give them the best of both sides, but without the negatives of both sides. That is why he founded MB2 Dental. It was founded on the idea of helping dentists out while not burdening them with various rules or regulations that dental firms so often place on the dentists.

MB2 Dental offers dentists a fresh approach to how they can succeed as dentists. It is no surprise that dentists can get a lot more done when they work together, but many dentists have avoided doing that until now because they did not want to lose out on their freedoms. That is no longer necessary, because with MB2 Dental, members work together to have fun and to achieve success. Since it is headed by dentists and not just businessmen, the leadership is especially aware of what dentists need and how various rules would impact dentists, whether for the better or for the worse. Instead of focusing solely on profits, the leadership at MB2 Dental makes patients and their dentists their first priority.

MB2 Dental is constantly coming up with innovative ways to improve the experience of patients. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to help dentists out. Instead of a drab and uninspiring approach to dentistry that is focused on graphs and charts, they are creating a revolution that is focused on growth and improvement. They make sure that dentists can enjoy what they are doing every day at their workplaces.

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Dr. Mark McKenna opens about his secrets to his entrepreneurial success

Dr. Mark McKenna did an interview recently with one of the most popular interviewing websites on the internet explaining some of the incentives leading to him starting his OVME business. Dr. Mark McKenna revealed that the whole idea came about as a result of having worked in the medical aesthetics industry for more than ten years and as a result discovering opportunities on the various shortcomings of the industry. He then made a deliberate and conscious decision to start the business in order to solve the existing challenges in the market. Dr. Mark McKenna ran the business with utmost professionalism to become one of the best in the industry. With this success, he later got buyers who were interested in buying business which he sold making top dollar returns.

In the interview, when asked how he comes up with such amazing ideas, Dr. Mark explains that his process heavily involves day to day meditation of how to solve the world’s problems. The process also encompasses meticulous setting of goals that are time-bound while at the same time being precisely measurable so that when the time comes when sets out to carry out the project he can be able to easily evaluate the progress of the project. For instance, he says, one of the most exciting developments going on in the United States right now is the steady and continued reduction of individuals who are habitually involved in smoking.

Dr. Mark McKenna goes further to reveal that his entrepreneurial acumen doesn’t just come out of sheer luck but from the consistent and constant search for knowledge especially from reading books that talk about finances, business and most importantly entrepreneurship. Dr. Mark did for a fact endorse the Book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as one of the best books that anyone and everybody interested in running business must read because of its in-depth and far-reaching insights into the mind of successful businessmen. When the interviewer sought to know what Dr. Mark McKenna would do differently if he were to begin afresh, Dr. Mark said it would be doing the things he really feels passionate about.

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