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Jack The Therapy Dog Joins Roseann Bennett’s Practice


Roseann Bennett is one of the founders of the Center For Assessment and Treatment located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Ms. Bennett is a licensed family therapist who received her training at Seton Hall University. Her goal at her treatment center is to provide continuing mental health services to patients regardless of any patient’s ability to pay.

In order to help her patients in dealing with their mental health issues, she introduced Canine Assisted Therapy into her practice. Dogs have shown a great deal of promise in helping both children and adults cope with difficult mental health conditions. Dogs are of great assistance in helping to deal with autistic patients and those patients who have experienced some form of trauma.

Jack is the name of the dog who will be assisting at the practice owned by Roseann Bennett. He was adopted when he was 15 weeks old by Roseann Bennett and her husband Todd. Jack has been thoroughly trained, and he has shown great ability to interact with children through his exposure to Roseann Bennett’s family. Jack has received his certification as a canine therapy dog. Read This Article for more information.

Ms. Bennett intends to use Jack as an adjunct to ongoing therapy. If a patient is currently doing well with the treatment program that he is undergoing, the therapy dog will not be introduced. However, if a patient is not making progress, Jack can be used to help spark a response from the patient. It is hoped that Jack the therapy dog will be in tune with the emotions and feelings of the patients helping them to be more relaxed during therapy sessions.