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The mental health app Talkspace

The app Talkspace is allowing a user base of 500,000 people to access mental health care from professionals through their smartphones. Oren Frank, who founded the company in 2012, has a goal to bring access to therapy to anyone who needs it while at the same time reducing the negative image that therapy has built.

The app, which offers a number of plans from the $32 a week plan that gives users a daily text message from a therapist to the $49 a week plan that provides multiple text messages a day as well as a monthly one-on-one video chat session with a therapist, has gained attention in the medical world. Magellan Health, an insurance company, has been working with Talkspace recently, and will soon offer the service to customers on Magellan Health insurance plans.

With over 1000 mental health professionals, Talkspace is able to match users with the perfect therapist for their individual needs. People who once did not have the time or money to seek traditional therapy are finding the app to be a positive influence in their day to day lives. The ability to access a therapist at any time is the reason some users report that Talkspace has done more for their mental health then multiple sessions of traditional therapy. Talkspace communicates with users through email and text messaging, allowing users to engage in therapy at their own pace.