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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and Media Companies in Mexico

     In the recent past, Mexico media houses have made a tremendous growth. Gone are the days when the Mexico media companies were dominated by the government news. With the emergence of new media companies, the Mexico news coverage has significantly diversified. Critical investigative journalism in politics, economic and social issues is currently being witnessed. Mexico media and entertainment market include publishing, music, video games and filmed entertainment.

Top media companies in Mexico

Mexico has witnessed massive investment in media companies by Mexicans as well as multi-nationals. However, one such person is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. Salvi has been linked with several media firms in Mexico. He is the current director and Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa SAB. Rafael serves on the Board of Directors at Innova S. de Ri de CV and Grupo Televisa.

Grupo Televisa is one of the leading Mexican mass media conglomerates. It has an interest in cable and pay-television, publishing, film production and distribution, radio production, satellite sports television and much more. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero joined Grupo Televisa in 2004, and has served in different capacity including vice president of financial planning. TV Azteca is another TV giant firm in Mexico.

In printing, companies like Nexos, Proceso, Letras Libres, Gatopardo, Monocle, and Emeequis dominates the Mexico magazines. Televisa owns Edivisa, a publishing company with over forty Spanish Magazines. Esto, La Prensa, El Universal and El Financiero Companies are the denominate force in the newspaper platform. Online media firms in Mexico are SinEmbargo, ReformaLa Jornda Mexico Hay, and Animal Politico. However, most of the publishing companies are involved in online broadcasting.

In radio, Grupo Radio Centro is the leading broadcast with over twenty production studios. Also, Grupo Radio has a subsidiary, Organización Impulsora de Radio, which provides programming services to other radio stations.

Cassio Audi: Early Musical Career with Viper

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian musician who rose to fame during the 1980s. He is a professional drummer and has been renowned because of his talent. Back in 1980 when he was still a teen, he joined a metal band called Viper, and has been with them for nine years until he decided to leave in 1989. His music was included in two of Viper’s albums, and he even wrote a song that has been included in Soldiers of Sunrise, another album by Viper. At the height of his musical career, Cassio Audi’s name rings a bell especially for hard core metal fans in Brazil, because of his unique drumming style that has captivated the interest of the fans. His name would later reach other Latin American nations, becoming a well-known performer in the continent.

Cassio Audi’s skill in playing the drums managed to bring the band into the top. He is responsible for their development, and has been playing for them during their live demonstrations and album recordings. Cassio Audi’s style was heavily influence by the British metal bands during the earlier decades, and he managed to tweak it a little bit in order to suit the taste of the Brazilian people.

One of the most popular albums that Viper released is the Soldiers of Sunrise. It has been reviewed positively by fans and critics, and it has become their most popular album ever since. However, as time goes by, the people’s taste in music changes, and Viper experienced a decline. During this time, band members are unsure of how their future might become. Cassio Audi decided to leave the band in 1989 and parted ways with his band mates, focusing on a new career. After his stint as a band drummer, Cassio Audi was reported to have started a career in the financial industry.

A Quick Overview of Richard Mishaan Firm

Richard Mishaan is an acclaimed architect and designer who runs Richard Mishaan Design. His most memorable work is the redesign of the presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel. The room features a large foyer, wood-paneled library, large windows, and a Master Ensuite with spa-style bathroom, impressive Jacuzzi tub and a dressing room. Other impressive features are an Italian marble bathroom with twin sinks. The suite is decorated with sophisticated art and treasure that would amaze any traveler.


Richard Mishaan’s thoughts on Hotel design


Richard Mishaan Design believes in creating glamorous, comfortable, and sexy hotel rooms. The hotels feel welcoming and residential. There are comfortable conveniences such as pop up power outlets close to the beds. According to Richard Mishaan, the next best thing in hospitality design is club-style experience. This means that hotels customers will find hotels by answering questions on an online survey to direct them to experiences that they would like to fulfill.


Richard Mishaan Design has also created spaces at Shelborne Hotel, South Beach Florida Hotel Tcherassi in Colombia, and the Marriot Ac. Other than designing Hotels and residences, Mishaad has designed furniture for the hospitality division of Boiler and Company. He also designs lighting for companies like Urban Electric Co and Accessories for Asia Tides.


Design inspiration


Mishaan gets inspiration from everything around him when creating pieces for Richard Mishaan Design. Since Mishaan loves travelling to exotic places, he understands several cultures and customs. He visits several art and design exhibitions. He also finds inspiration in movies and the theatre, enabling him to create designs that enhance customers’ living experiences.


In recognition of his work, Architectural Digest named him among Top 100 designers. Mishaan believes that beautiful items don’t have to cost much. Many of the artistic pieces that he sells at his design shop are just $100 or less.


Richard Mishaan’s Book


Richard Mishaan’s book appeals to everyone with an eye for interior design. The book features spreads of spaces designed by Richard Mishaan Design, most hotels, and residences in New York. These include his apartment and a wealthy businessman’s penthouse, in which the designer created a stair hall with basket-weave pattern walls.