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Experience a difference in banking with reinvented community banking

The banking industry is one of the crowded service provision industry in the world today. This means that customers have a very wide range of banking institutions to choose from for their banking activities. For this reason, each banking institution should seek to offer unique and excellent services to its customers. NexBank is the kind of a bank where you experience exemplary services as well as a classy customer care. Established in 1934, NexBank is a renowned banking institution based in Dallas Texas. It is ranked as the 10th largest bank in Texas and 158th in the nation with a total of 89 employees currently.

NexBank offers a wide range of financial services ranging from commercial banking, mortgage banking, to institutional services. In commercial banking the bank offers flexible solutions with a deep understanding of the market and expert professionalism. Also, under institutional services such as treasury management, NexBank offers client tailored services to help institutions achieve their set goal as well as enhance growth. The company has a diverse field of expertise among the employee base to meet the diverse needs of their clients in a constantly changing world of banking which include technological advancements.

The CEO of NexBank is well aware of the need of reinvention in banking. This is as he stated in a press conference on the need for the banking institution to be competing on an innovating basis which in turn will lead to evolution of the banking sector to cope with the emerging technologies. In an annually held forum for bank advisers, consultants, and leaders NexBank CEO outlined the challenges facing community bank leaders as well as the opportunities for the banks to grow and expand. Under his dynamic leadership, NexBank now offers customized client-oriented banking and financial services to corporations globally, other financial institutions, as well as institutional clients.

A day with Todd Levine

Having a good reputation is an essential aspect for your business. Therefore, the better you perform your duties, the faster the clients will be associated with you. The association is directly proportional to the amount of income you will pocket at the end of the day. Below is a story of a self-made man who has beaten all the barriers to reaching the epitome of his success.

Todd Levine joined the University of Florida, where he took an undergraduate degree course in Finance. It was during his later years that he decided to enroll in the Florida Levine College of Law.


Ideamensch Interview Recap

Despite Todd Levine being an expert in some complex fields, he is also a founding member of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine law firm. Ever since the inception of the firm, he has managed to specialize in the commercial real estate litigation. Often are the times when he gets involved in representing the various players in the commercial real estate disputes. His broad view and thinking outside the box kind of attitude has seen Todd Levine take on cases way outside his Jurisdiction for instance sports as well as financial matters and ends up winning most of them.


Todd Levine’s love for the art, science, and music guides him towards the much needed winning strategy. According to the interview, he has managed to scoop some trophies including the Best Lawyer Award for the Real Estate. Furthermore, his effort has been recognized in the Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, and as well as the Southern Journal.


From a tender age, Todd Levine could re-frame the conversation and giving other pupils a simplified version of his story. This sort of talent in her gave her the heart to pursue what wanted the most, “Law.”


Todd Levine



About TMS Health Solutions
They are a group of staff and clinicians who are mainly concerned with education, research and treating individuals with different mental pathologies and conditions. Mostly, those who are seen to have problems with depression that is resistant to treatment are mainly focused on by TMS Health Solution. Apart from that, they provide therapies that are seen to be very advanced which normally involves the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is the TMS.

Some of the conditions that occur in individuals mentally can be very painful and isolative which makes it hard for people to find the necessary help they need. It mostly looks to bring hope to those who have different mental conditions as they previously never had any hope of feeling better.

Dr. Richard Bermudes is the man who is the brain behind TMS Health Solutions, and he started it in the year 2007 as he wanted to start a group that was focused on providing patient-centric care with the aim being on academic research institution which treats as well as educates the community around about mental conditions. The vision by Dr. Bermudes enabled TMS Health Solutions to design a new psychiatric model from zero going up.

The kind of expertise behind TMS Health Solutions is by far very remarkable and experienced as they offer the best TMS therapy compared to any other outpatient psychiatric medical experts in Northern Carolina.

What does the logo mean in relation to mental health?
As it seeks to show hope for patients, the logo for the company which is a butterfly has a meaning itself. It signifies the metamorphosis that patients with mental health conditions usually go through. However, people always see the butterfly as a sign of change and growth which has the ability to go through new heights in the next life chapter. They are always committed to helping the patients achieve this objective.

Clinical Depression
It is also recognized as Major Depressive Disorder. Mostly seen to have severe symptoms that are serious which may involve the patients feeling unworthy and anxious as some even start having the suicidal thoughts as they wish they were dead. According to research, about 40% of the patients with clinical depression resist treatment. It is doubtful that this condition goes away on its own.

However, the team and staff at TMS Health Solutions are always ready to offer treatment to patients who have such mental conditions. They accept different insurance for the treatment of different conditions. TMS Health Solutions negotiates typically on behalf of the patients so that they can only focus on getting well and not how to for fund their treatments.

The success of Jeremy Goldstein implementing EPS

The business climate in the world has become difficult. Many organizations have not succeeded in sustaining growth. Jeremy Goldstein has a compromise a will ensure that the problems that inhibit sustainability are eradicated. He has a lot of experience that he gained over many years in law industry. He has a lot of skills that are fundamental in solving conflicts pertaining profits in the organization. He has a lot of knowledge in dealing with employee’s incentives in organizations.

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has served many reputable organizations in the world. Some of the organization that he has served are Bank of America and Verizon. Goldstein obtains his education from recognized learning institutions in the world. He attended the University of New York and obtained a degree in law. He later enrolled foe a master’s degree at the University of Chicago. The high-quality education that he obtained has enabled him to succeed in law industry.

Jeremy Goldstein has obtained experience in law for over 15 years. He has obtained enough experience while working for various companies in the world. Many companies have improved their operations through his guidance. Some of the companies that have benefited from his guidance are Goldman Sachs and Verizon. The EPS guidance that he has provided will aid many companies to expand their business. He has given the insights behind the problems that are encountered while using the EPS. He has also provided solutions to problems.

EPS has a lot of benefits attributed to it when used effectively. The program has encouraged many companies to increase salaries of their is a fundamental program in realizing the success of many companies. Many investors have been encouraged to buy the shares of the companies that employ EPS.EPS also has some demerits in its application. Many companies are afraid of the program due to competition in the market. Many CEOs fear that it may encourage favoritism in the company. They claim that it will not reflect the real profitability of the company. They also claim that the managers may manipulate the program to suit their needs. Jeremy Goldstein has come up with solutions that address the problems raised by the CEOs.  Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has proposed a compromise that will solve the problems associated with EPS. He recommended that a means of holding the managers accountable should be devised. Goldstein said that the managers should be held accountable instead of eradicating the EPS. He not that the arguing parties should incline their objectives to the goals of the company. The implementation of the EPS will promote growth in the will also provide a way of measuring the growth of the company. The success of the EPS implementation is attributed to the experience and skills of Jeremy Goldstein.

Betsy DeVos: Champion for Choice

It’s been roughly 25 years since the country’s very first private-school voucher program was instated in Wisconsin. Today, there are 17 states (plus the District of Columbia) that use about 33 publicly-funded programs. This private-choice movement was first introduced nearly 5 decades ago, but people like Betsy DeVos keep it going today. The growth of the movement continues to grow, and she has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.





Betsy DeVos was born into an affluent, Michigan-based family, in 1958. The Prince family was known for their very large parts supplier business, the Prince Corporation. She was raised in Holland, Michigan, where she attended private school. When she began college, her passion for politics and education started to flourish.





Betsy married her husband, Dick DeVos shortly after graduation, joining together two of the most influential, Michigan families. Her husband Dick was heir to the Amway corporation, though they began many business adventures together. As two Republicans, Betsy and Dick quickly became involved with politics, education, and philanthropy.





Mrs. DeVos started her participation in the Michigan Republican Party in the 1980s, where she served as a local precinct delegate, chairwoman, and even chairwoman of the Republican National Committeewoman. Her family became serious donors to the party, hosting parties for presidents and working with committees on various projects. After the 2016 Presidential Election, Betsy DeVos was nominated by Donald Trump to become the country’s next Secretary of Education.





Aside from her party involvement, Betsy has been a champion for a wide variety of causes. Her family is known across the nation for their charitable donations, ranking highly on the list of America’s top givers. They started the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has given large amounts of charity to the arts, health sciences, schools, and other great organizations. The DeVos’ have also been heavily involved with education charity and reform.




Betsy DeVos has been an advocate for school-choice for decades. She believes that Americans deserve the right to have choices when it comes to the education of their children. By opening up more charter schools and private schools, with publicly-funded voucher programs, DeVos believes that each child can receive a personalized-education.




After viewing the education system first-hand, Betsy saw that many children didn’t have access to a good education because of their family’s income. It was then that Dick and Betsy began supporting individual students; providing them with scholarships and aid. Within a short amount of time, Betsy got involved with many education boards; trying to change the policies to allow for tax-credit scholarships or vouchers on the state-level.




It is now estimated that more that 250,000 children in the country are involved in charter schools or state-funded, school-voucher programs. And while Betsy is fighting to change the landscape of Michigan, her biggest tax-credit scholarship programs reside in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. Still on the front-lines, Betsy continues to campaign for the freedom of choice in education. Learn more:


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provides New Pathways To Care

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a one-of-a-kind solution using custom technology. Allscripts Sunrise will offer electronic health records to provide staff access to clinical workflows. NantHealth brings to the table a clinical decision support solution. Integrating these new support systems will create Clinical Pathways, a program that tracks the cancer treatment process, while not disturbing the doctor’s practice and patient care process.

This clinical operating system was put together by the hands of many oncologists working across the Americas. The amount of data that the system will collect should be very comprehensive and ever evolving in the treatment and care of cancer.

The Clinical Pathways system will help physicians by providing treatment options and complementary therapies, thereby eliminating some potential guesswork. Doctors are regularly feed massive information on new data and cancer research and the Clinical Pathways will help sort this information out quicker.

Working with this integrated platform will merge physicians, staff and patients to allow for better conversations about options, diagnosis and insurance billing. Billing can be a faster process because the providers will be able to quickly provide the supporting data often requested by the insurance companies.

The Clinical Pathways system is available for use with every patient at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals, which are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

For over 30 years the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been healing cancer patients with the help of technology and true hands on teams that not only tackle the treatments but also the many side effects, such as nausea, pain, and fatigue. Cancer Treatment Centers of America treats eleven forms of cancer, for now.

The advancement in technological platforms and continued high level of commitment from all involved will provide patients, physician, insurance companies, and all support staff even further success in the treatment of cancer.

Exciting New Cloud Tech By NuoDB

With the cloud increasingly becoming crucial for business and everyday life, companies are creating new ways to interact with data located in the cloud that enhance the scope of the data and lowers the ease of use so everyday users can benefit. One of these exciting companies is called NouDB. Being founded in 2008 in Cambridge Massachusetts, NouDb has been a pioneer in cloud database technology.

NouDB cloud database technology is based on creating a new system in SQL, or as the company calls it “NewSQL”. This database works in the cloud to manage data and creates an environment where different users even around the world can easily search and choose data they need from the cloud. Processor and nodes are used to ensure speed and availability of the cloud database. NouDB constantly updates its software to align with new business and consumer needs.

With the need for cloud databases and computing ever increasing, NouDB is stepping into the pioneering role to fill the gap needed in technology and computing. WIth this exciting new cloud database business will be able to compete around the world without having to worry about how their database is running. With NouDB, every business has its cloud database partner.

Highland Capital Management Rated High In Investment Advice

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas. In 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada co-founded the company with the aim of providing alternative credit management. The firm has vast experience in matters of investment advice. Their core business is in offering credit strategies, which include separate accounts, private equity, collateralized loan obligations and credit hedge funds.

Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investment strategies among them emerging markets, long or short equities, and natural resources. Though the firm has assets worth $55 million, it manages stock worth $15.4 billion. The company has products for retail and institutional investors. Their clients are from foundations, corporations, financial institutions, governments, pension plans and high net worth persons.

Making the Difference

In the healthcare sector, Highland Capital Management has partnered with the insurance agencies for approval of less addictive pain relievers. Their affiliate firm in South Korea has acquired private equity fund which will focus on health care. The move is towards the reduction of chances for addiction and drug abuse. Through NexPoint Residential Trust Inc., the firm will be able to provide improved multifamily properties, which will fetch higher rents.

More about Highland Capital Management and How It Started

In 1990, James Dondero and Mark Okada jointly ventured into Protective Life Insurance Corporation. They dealt with income market, which included managing highly secured bank loans. After three years, the venture changed to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO), which was owned jointly by Protective Life Insurance and the founding partners.

In 1997 James and Mark bought the shares in PAMCO and set an independent advisor known as Ranger Asset Management, L.P. In 1998, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. changed its name to Highland Capital Management. From then, the firm has continued to grow and expand its product lines. The company has over 180 employees working in various offices globally. Though the headquarters are in Dallas, there are other offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, and Seoul.

Giving Back to the Community

Highland Capital involves the community through involvement in the advisory board and volunteer opportunities. They also give financial donations not only to community organizations but to national ones too. The firm has donated over $10 million since 2005.

For the most up to date information follow Highland Capital Management on Twitter.

James Dondero’s success at highlands capital proves that purpose and direction are the key ingredients for a firm’s success

Highland Capital is one of the renowned investment firms in Dallas, TX. James Dondero co-founded the investment firm in 1993. The talented businessman has dedicated a huge part of his life to expanding the business over the years.

Highland Capital is one of the largest investment firms in Texas holding close to $ 20 billion worth of assets. The firm has managed to attract a huge number of customers who have remained loyal to the company over the years. The customers have a lot of faith in James and his team of employees due to the unmatched performance over the years. James Dondero and his team have helped most of the investors to realize their investment goals regardless of the amount of capital that they have.

James and his team are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities that will benefit their customers. Highland capital is a unique investment firm that is committed to providing their clients with credit-based solutions that not only increase the profit margins of the company but also helps to create more wealth for the investors.

Highland Capital is the pioneer in the development of collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market and also advancing credit solutions for retail investors and institutions from all over the world. Some of the Highland’s capital products include CLOs, separate institutional accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and REITs.

James Dondero’s investment experience has significantly impacted on the success of Highlands Capital. Dondero has an experience that spans over three decades in the investment business. As a result, James Dondero gives valuable advice on a broad range of investments in an efficient manner. James Dondero has recruited and nurtured over 100 employees who are now experts in various investment niches within the firm.

One thing that sets Highland capital apart from other investment firms is the fact that it is always ahead of their competitors in the industry. The experts at the company can spot lucrative opportunities and grab them ahead of their competitors. Highland Capital is now one of the most sought-after investment firms by investors who want to increase their investment portfolio.

Organo Gold Providing Quality Coffees and Teas

Studies associated with drinking coffee have been done. Annals of Internal Medicine have suggested that drinking coffee can help to decrease risk of dying from disease of the heart and stroke. The benefits and restrictions associated with coffee have been deliberated for many years. There has been information provided that suggests coffee can increase the longevity of an individual.

A study done examined more than 185,000 Americans. Regardless if an individual drank decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee there was an association with risk decrease. Research indicated that there was a lower risk of diseases such as kidney, stroke, and cancer amongst coffee drinkers. The lower risk of disease was amongst Latinos and whites, Japanese Americans, and African Americans that drank coffee regardless if decaffeinated or caffeinated. The European research done indicated that individuals that consumed several amounts of coffee throughout the day had a lower danger of bereavement. There is an association between longevity and coffee drinking that was apparent in the studies done.

Organo Gold is a worldwide network advertising business that specializes in exceptional coffees and teas. The first-rate coffees and teas produced by Organo Gold contain Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a mushroom that is associated with health advantages. Organo Gold was established in the year 2008. Organo Gold was established in Richmond, British Columbia.

Organo Gold does operations in more than 50 countries. By 2016 this marketing business had more than 400,000 independent providers. Organo Gold is a clandestinely held company. Organo Gold provides contributions for the community through OG Cares Foundation. Some of the beverages offered by Organo Gold include café latte, red tea, hot cocoa, green tea, and black coffee. Brewing cups include Colombian Roast and African Red. Some body management products include grape seed oil, mycelium, and ganoderma lucidum.

In conclusion, Organo Gold provides beneficial products.

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