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Doe Deere is an Entrepreneur, Immigrant, and Mom

Doe Deere is a curious example of a success story. She came to the United States from Russia as a teenager. She came to the country with her mother and sister. The family struggled to make it in the country at first, until they had some help from Sanctuary for Families. Sanctuary for Families is an organization that helps immigrant women and their families discover job or schooling options. From there, the family was matched up with school and job options. Doe Deere started attending a fashion university which led her to the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

Doe Deere first started off as an entrepreneur by selling her clothing line on eBay. She began to add more makeup products to her line of products after she noticed that fans of her clothing line liked her makeup looks in her model photos of the clothes. The makeup became the Lime Crime brand which grew from an eBay product to Doe Deere’s own online makeup company. Doe Deere has since sold her makeup company, but she remains a board member.

Doe Deere has put a lot of her entrepreneur work into a new endeavor. Doe Deere is now a jewelry designer of a line called Poppy Angeloff. She started the jewelry line to go back to her roots in fashion and to make products for everyone. She views making jewelry as a body positive endeavor since jewelry can be worn by anyone and can compliment anyone.

The other latest news for Doe Deere is the birth of her daughter. Doe Deere’s daughter Lorelei Elita is another focus in Doe Deere’s life at present. As a new mom, she is experiencing quite a new things with her baby. She’s also finding plenty of inspiration for her work with the arrival of her new daughter.