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Unroll Me; A Free Service That Cleans up Your Inbox

Email users who need a cleaner inbox are the target customers for Unroll Me. This mobile phone application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The application is a solution to the problem of having a cluttered inbox full of subscription emails and newsletters that one will never read. It increases the email owner’s freedom to get rid of the emails permanently or organize them in a manner that makes their overview simpler.

Unroll Me offers the easiest way to end the subscriptions that a person does not need and rolls up the others into a well-organized overview that can be customized as per the user’s needs. The roll-up is capable of developing a summary of the desirable subscriptions. Gone are the days when one has to search through numerous junk mails to find that one important email.

Initially, the developers had created this service for the iOS users only and they were the only people who could access the service. Later, they came to a realization that they have neglected the Android user and developed one that could be installed on such smartphones. Since Android users are more than the iPhone users, the services gained a wider market by introducing the app in the play store.

Similarly to how people use their Tinder application, the developers of Unroll Men have also made this application just as fun and you can swipe right, left and upwards just like the Tinder app. When the user swipes towards the left, they will be deleting the subscription but if it is it to the right, they shall continue to receive the subscription emails. Swiping upward means they want the subscription to be rolled up.

Unroll Me is not looking to get the email client out of the market but to increase the user’s option on service they find most suited to their needs, The company does not charge for this application but it does not mean they have not been making money out of it. The transaction emails that are received by users are used by the company to develop valuable market information. The company lets the users know about this before using the application and promises that it poses no threat to their private details.